Diodos zener genéricos – 2V-39V – 0.5W




We offer zener diodes values: 2V 2.2V 2.4V 2.7V 3V 3.3V 3.6V 3.9V 4.3V 4.7V 5.1V 5.6V 6.2V 6.8V 7.5V 8.2V 9.1V 10V 11V 12V 13V 15V 16V 18V 20V 22V 24V 27V 30V 39V

All these zener diodes manage up to 1/2W of power. To compute the max current, please use the formula: I = 0.5/Voltage.

If you need to manage more power, combines this zener diode with a power stage. You can use a MOSFET or a BJT to manage the power at a constant voltage given by the zener voltage.