USB Boost Cable 5V Step Up to 9V 12V 1A Transformer DC Power Regulator K7X4





USB booster input voltage is DC 5V, output voltage is DC 9V or 12V, max output current is 1A (9V), 0.8A (12V).
APPLICATION: the converter can be used to power the router via power bank if power down. In addition, can also be applied to other device which is 5v power supply, such as small fan, desk lamp, solar panel, USB power pack, power adapter etc.

SWITCH & LED DISPLAY: step up regulator is designed with switch, you can choose the output 9v or 12v through it, and the LED display would tell the output voltage value.
CONVENIENT USE: plug and play, you can still enjoy the WIFI during power cuts; design with small dimension, is very convenient to carry out.

Input Voltage: 5V
Output Voltage: 9V / 12V
Output Current: 9V 1A 12V 0.8A
Interface Properties: USB hole convert to DC round hole
Line Length: 0.8 m
Weight: 35 g